EP™ Technology

Kaiima’s EP™ technology opens a new and exciting gateway for genetic improvement while maintaining the essence of high-value germplasm.


In addition to increasing yields, EP™ technology also strengthens the crops’ tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses and improves land and water-use efficiencies.


EP treatment scheme

EP™ technology creates high-performing lines by inducing novel variations within the plant genome, using its own DNA, followed by proprietary selection methodologies.



  • Yield gains in the range of 10%.

  • Creation of novel diversity generates additional added-value characteristics and targeted outcomes.

  • Creates different types of genetic modifications than cannot be attained using mutagenesis.

  • Non-GMO classification allows for fast and cost-effective global deployment.

  • Efficient development timelines (one or more years reduction compared to classic breeding).

  • Cyclical genetic improvements without need for complimentary parent.

  • Compliments existing breeding programs.

EP™ induces diversity
kaiima's wheat program aerial photo

Aerial view of Kaiima's EP™ wheat program in Israel.

EP™ versions differ phenotypically from the control

Observations from trials in North America:

EP treated corn Vs. normal control
(germplasm from partner)