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Kaiima and BioFields Unite to Form BioKaiima to Commercialize Castor Hybrid Seeds in Mexico

March 25, 2019

Moshav Sharona, Israel

BioKaiima becomes key local player for castor genetics, breeding and marketing of hybrid seeds. Castor has been designated a strategic crop by Mexican Government.

BioKaiima, a joint-venture between Israeli-based global castor seed genetics leader Kaiima Bio-Agritech and BioFields, a Mexican company focused on delivering innovative castor-based bio-products, was recently established to advance activities for the development, production and commercialization of castor seed varieties and hybrids for the Mexican market.

The global castor industry is ripe for deep technological transformation leading to the development of a growing market with higher demand for innovative and sustainable products. This trend creates opportunities for new players to increase production of castor oil in Mexico.

BioKaiima is well positioned to rapidly develop hybrids that will enable farmers to generate attractive profitability and renewed production of castor oil in Mexico. The company is one of a kind because it integrates best in-class genetics, breeding and agriculture technologies from both partners. This will allow BioKaiima to accelerate its novel breeding program and supply Mexican castor growers with scalable production of a new cultivated crop that will provide high yield for a premium renewable oil.

Mark Chess, Chairman and CEO of Kaiima Bio-Agritech, declared, "We are fortunate to partner with BioFields in the exciting transformation of the wild castor plant into a mechanized row crop in Mexico. This will provide Mexico a new opportunity to expand its agriculture market with BioFields leading the way as the world-class castor oil producer in Mexico. We are thrilled to collaborate with BioFields to design innovative castor hybrid seeds that will enable Mexican farmers to strengthen their economic sustainability with a high-value crop."

Roberto Giesemann, CEO of BioFields, commented, "Mexico's Government understands the potential of castor to develop a new agricultural frontier and thus it has recently declared castor as a strategic crop, opening the door for an accelerated expansion of castor as an alternative crop. In order to reap the benefits of this opportunity, BioFields is proud to join forces with Kaiima Bio-Agritech to design new hybrids to help develop the Mexican market."

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