CastorMaxx© is an integrated castor cultivation system pioneered by Kaiima, that combines elite hybrid seed with advanced, large-scale growing protocols, enabling growers to scale-up castor farming and achieve breakthrough bean and oil yield potential.


The CastorMaxx© system optimizes production through customized and scalable solutions – sustainably and economically producing castor oil as a renewable feedstock for the high-value, bio-based products industry.

Detailed Cultivation protocols are available here:

Access to protocols will be given upon request to partners and customers.

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The CastorMaxx© system is divided into multiple phases to ensure maximum output:


• Project concept development with partner

• Next-generation hybrid selection and evaluation

• Production protocols:

     - Agrochemical management 

     - Irrigation recommendations

     - Harvest and post-harvest support

* Kaiima has access to third parties who can provide mechanized harvesting solutions and off-take agreements (in certain geographies).

Standard castor "trees" grown worldwide

Kaiima's compact hybrid varieties

Genetics at the heart of the system


Irrigated and non-irrigated hybrid varieties,

early and compact,high-density, high-yield, high oil content, Botrytis tolerance


Potential of 2 harvests per year

with very high yield potential(>3 T/Ha per harvest), in optimal growing conditions


Hybrids are uniform in appearance and maturity,

adapted for mechanized harvesting



Breakthrough grain and oil yield

Com = commercial variety


Exp = experimental/pre-commercial variety

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